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Veteran Owned for 20+ years

  • Founded in July 2001, A1QLS emerges as a dynamic veteran-owned company, originating as a labor solutions powerhouse in the vibrant city of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • A1QLS has Corporate Offices in Cincinnati OH, Atlanta GA, & Ontario CA

A1QLS provides value to our customers through

  • Customized Labor Solutions
  • Flexible Pricing Structures
  • End to End Account Management

The Difference:

  • Labor Model focused on productivity and quality
  • Speed to service – 48 hours national coverage
  • National Coverage

In 2001, William Foster, who serves as the company’s owner and president, spearheaded a significant revamp of the business. He assembled a management team of seasoned industry professionals responsible for managing three critical areas of expertise: Productivity and Customer Service, Business Development, and Compliance.

This pivotal move ultimately led to the creation of A1 Quality Logistical Solutions LLC, an organization founded on the fundamental principles of exceptional customer service, a capable and experienced management structure, and on-site warehouse labor administration.


At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to service excellence. Recognizing our customers as the linchpin of our business, we provide an exceptional experience in every interaction. Whether you represent a small business or a large corporation, we stand ready to offer steadfast support at every juncture. We firmly believe that cultivating robust relationships forms the bedrock of our success. By comprehensively understanding your unique needs and aspirations, we meticulously tailor our services to align with your specific requirements, ensuring a partnership that not only meets but surpasses your desired outcomes.


We are steadfast in our pursuit of continuous improvement, refining processes and procedures while embracing the latest technological advancements to maintain a leading edge in our industry. We take pride in being a veteran-owned enterprise, adding an extra layer of commitment and dedication to our clients and their unique needs. Our team comprises seasoned professionals, deeply committed to consistently delivering outstanding results. Prioritizing our clients’ unique requirements, we specialize in tailoring personalized solutions. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work, as we constantly explore avenues to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our ultimate objective is to bestow upon our clients the assurance that their needs are tended to by a team of devoted experts who genuinely prioritize their concerns.

A privately owned company that believes in “service first” with relationships built with customers.





Embark on a journey with A1QlS that is characterized by a commitment to partnerships. With our many years of experience we have streamlined our partnership process. Our process unfolds seamlessly through the following steps:

1. Discovery Session

Engage in an in-depth discovery session where we delve into your unique logistical objectives, challenges, and requirements.

2. Identify Team Members

Following the discovery session, we collaboratively identify the key team members who will play integral roles in shaping and implementing the logistics solution. This ensures that every aspect of the project is aligned with your goals and benefits from the expertise of our dedicated team

3. Design A Solution

Leveraging the insights gathered, our experienced team works to design a customized logistics solution tailored to your unique program requirements. This phase involves creating a comprehensive plan that addresses specific challenges, optimizes processes, and maximizes efficiency. We prioritize a collaborative approach, seeking your input and feedback throughout the design process.

4. Operational Support

As the solution is implemented, our commitment to collaboration extends to providing ongoing operational support. Our team remains actively involved, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any evolving requirements. Whether it’s troubleshooting, refining processes, or scaling operations, we stand by you with prideful dedication.

Our Team

Greg Vick

Senior Vice President

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Karen Goins

Chief Financial Officer

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Chad Ware

Senior Vice President

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Christopher Vargas

Vice President of Operations

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Felecia Green

National Recruitment Manager

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Amber Stidham

Director of Safety and Compliance

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Our network of people spans across the United States, from coast to coast. With a wide range of locations, we are able to provide reliable and efficient services to our customers.

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Serving a diverse clientele, A1QLS has established relationships with customers across a network of over 80 locations!